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Subtle. Sweet. Sapphic.

If only you could see what I’ve seen with my eyes

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Being gay isn’t simple. It’s tougher when you’re in India and your mother keeps daydreaming about your marriage (with someone of the opposite sex obviously) every other week. I think I have created history by rolling my eyes the most number of times at the thought of marriage. Don’t judge me, but marriage is the most archaic and heteronormative institution in the history of the human race.

Being gay isn’t simple. It’s tougher when you’re in the closet and not a soul has even the slightest inkling of your sexuality. I would lay in my bed for an hour (a…

Seven years in destitution

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No, she can’t make peace with it. The world spins but hers is that spinster self which can’t bear with it. She hangs her head out of despair.

The clatter of spoons and other fancy cutlery doesn’t soothe her. She stares, or tries to stare outside at the busy road. It is unyielding. The place is so crowded. Too much for a family restaurant. She’s sitting alone. Alone with her solitude and absolute mastery of the gnawing silences, she sits, resolute. A mere look into her eyes would spark a conversation, but who deigns to stoop so low? …

The world doesn’t seem alien anymore

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An hour and no refuge. Weariness and fatigue.

They’ve just stepped off the boat. Her children are asleep inside the wooden cabin. All six of them, two of them infants. She gropes in the sand but to no avail. Her earring is missing. The sky is bright and cloudy. Sultry summer noon at the beach. Yet, it is not something to cherish.

This is unknown land. For all she knew, there could be crabs crawling within the very sand that she marveled at. Brisk and umpteen colors flash in rapid succession. The men are catching fish. A holler from them…

Nicole Stewart

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